Thursday, November 5, 2009


For more then two hundred years blacks rather American with African blood running through your vines from slaves who names that has been long forgotten have suffered. Our pains on this land founded with the ideas of freedom has been the root for such pain and displacement among Blacks people The dream that one day we shall overcome still echo as strong now then when it was first written. Holding on to the day when such freedom can be obtained like a child that holds on to their mother hand for safety unlike that child safety isn’t so easy obtained and just like a child black remain the victims of the American system with no end in sight. Oppression has become so ingrained into the community that injustices are seemed as a normal way of life. Something that lost when asked to be treated as equal, yet the hopes of a better tomorrow ring loud in the churches throughout the community which are used as catalyst of oppressor, The pure belief that this suffering isn’t all for nothing is needed within the community how else could you justify being treated inadequately. Question dear not asked the answer come at to high of a price therefore blame is passed on down